Fan Capacitor

Fan Capacitor

Our company is a specialized manufacturer of capacitor. Our capacitors are excellent quality and reasonable price.

1. High insulation resistance

2. Stable reliability

3. Explosion proof structure

4. Low dissipation factor

Adopt zinc aluminum edge thickening metalized polypropylene film or reticular metalized polypropylene film as dielectric, safety flame retardant epoxy resin infusion and flame retardant square ABS plastic shuck encapsulation. Because of its small volume, electric performance is stable, safe and reliable, long-lived characteristics. 

Metallic polypropylene film capacitors can be used for the start and running of 50Hz / 60Hz AC (alternating current) single-phase asynchronous motors, pumps, wind machines and washing machines. They also can be used for the no-power equalization of lamps to improve the power.

. Capacitance range: 0.1uf~40uf

. Rated voltage: 200-1000VAC

. Climate category: 40/70/21, 40/85/21
. Capacity deviation: +/-5%
. Insulation resistance: >=3000s
. Dissipation factor: tgδ<=0.002 (50Hz~100Hz)
. Expected operating life: 3000h (Class C) or10000h (Class B)

Use requirement:
. Altitude: <=3000m
. Residual voltage in application: no more than 10% of rated voltage
. The maximum permissible voltage: no more than 1.1 times rated voltage
. The maximum permissible current: no more than 1.3 times rated current





Product Origin: China
Model Number: CBB61
Brand Name: CSF

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